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A variety of workshops and events are offered, providing the opportunity for community to come together,
share, and receive beneficial tools that support personal development and enhance well-being.

Questions about workshops and events can be directed to
info@sacredmovement.org or 707-694-7450.
Supporting healthy, vibrant living through yoga, nature and community
Listen First
Saturday, May 20,  10:00am-12:00pm
Simple communication techniques for more satisfying relationships

Experience less conflict, more understanding and more joy in your relationships. You will receive simple,
effective communication techniques that you can use with your partner/spouse, family, friends and/or
co-workers. It’s a heartfelt approach coming from a desire to experience genuine connections with others and
focuses on
4 Key Skills. Putting these skills into practice has been known to enhance all forms of
relationships and positively change lives!
Click here for more details. Facilitated by Kristi Bowman. Includes
take-home workbook & 4 weeks of follow-up email support (optional).

LOCATION:  Finley Community Center - 2060 West College Ave, Santa Rosa
Saturday, June 17,  9:30-11:30am

Enter the new season shining radiantly! Through yoga, Native flute music and focused intention, we will
harness the vibrant energy of the Solstice to give fire to your goals, passions and dreams! Receive a powerful
boost for overcoming any obstacle (self-created or external) that may be preventing you from living your best
life and fully embodying your soul purpose. Designed for experienced beginner to intermediate yoga students.
Facilitated by
Kristi Bowman & Tony Conti
We are finalizing our summer schedule and will be posting more workshops soon.
Thank you for your patience!
Friday, Sept 22,  6:15 - 8:30pm

Feeling adventurous? Feeling called to go deeper? During the autumnal equinox, the light is balanced,
with day and night being equal. This is a potent time to bring greater balance into our own lives.

Join us for a 2.25 mile easy-moderate coastal hike and sunset beach walk. We'll enter a special cave where
we'll come together, reflect, and share a simple, yet powerful, exercise to find greater balance in life. Includes
live Native flute music by Kristi. Leave feeling renewed and ready to step into the new season with greater
confidence and peace of mind. Dust off those flashlights!
Facilitated by Kristi Bowman & Tony Conti

COST:  $15-20 donation


"It was mind-blowing and heart healing! The community walk, sunset, cave, your soothing presence
and leadership (and flute playing) and the billions of stars... We had a blast!"

- Equinox Nite Hike 2016 participant