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Sessions are 1 hour in length
*Long-distance phone or Skype sessions available
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Supporting healthy, vibrant living through yoga, nature and community
Enjoy greater health, happiness and peace of mind

Personalized Coaching sessions with Kristi Bowman provide you the tools and support to break through the
barriers and meet your goals for improved health and well-being. Kristi takes a holistic approach, addressing
several factors which have an impact on wellness and supporting each client in body, mind and spirit. Do you feel
stuck, weighed down, confused or frustrated by life's challenges? Kristi is here to support you in moving forward
and reconnecting with your strong, vibrant self! You will receive a special
Personal Wellness Plan (PWP) to
help you get started. Your PWP is designed with your unique needs in mind and
is a powerful first step on the
road to greater wellness and living your best life!

Receive support and practical tools to help you:
  • Feel better physically, mentally, emotionally
  • Clarify and attain your goals
  • Recognize and move beyond barriers
  • Smoothly navigate life transitions
  • Find greater fulfillment in work/career
  • Enjoy more satisfying relationships
  • Feel a sense of direction or purpose

Coaching is beneficial for a variety of situations, including:
  • Life transitions (change in employment or relationship, birth, death, graduation, retirement, etc.)
  • Weight and health issues
  • Struggles in the workplace
  • Relationship challenges
  • Spiritual support
  • and more...
Kristi Bowman brings over 15 years' experience and is
recognized across the U.S. as a leader and innovator in
wellness. She has been providing Life & Wellness Coaching
services in Sonoma County for over 8 years. Her educational
background is in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling
and Clinical work, graduating with Highest Honors. Kristi
utilizes tools from counseling psychology, motivational
interviewing, yoga
, nutrition, and leading-edge practices in the
field of wellness to
support others in enjoying greater health,
happiness and peace of mind. Find out more about Kristi at
Kristi shares her holistic approach to wellness and offers a guided
yoga meditation for reducing stress and finding greater balance
Life & Wellness Coaching