Thank you for visiting! The Center for Sacred Movement provides
opportunities to enjoy greater health and well-being, move your body,
connect with nature, meet new people and have fun doing it.

Individuals of all ages, shapes and sizes are encouraged to explore
our services.

We strive to foster a conscious way of living so that all may enjoy:
  • increased wellness
  • a deeper sense of personal fulfillment
  • meaningful connections with community
  • a harmonious relationship with the planet  

The center offers activities and services to support the whole person,
including Yoga classes, Outdoor Adventures, Workshops and
Wellness Coaching. Wherever you may be in your journey of wellness,
we strive to offer something here for you.

Our goal is that each individual experiences increased health and  
a renewed vibrancy in spirit, mind and body
through the services
offered. We invite you to experience the benefits for yourself!
Kristi Bowman & Anthony Conti
Supporting healthy, vibrant living through yoga, nature and community
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Anthony Conti & Kristi Bowman
Yoga in the Redwoods
"Ignite Your Purpose"
Saturday, June 17

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