•  Increase strength and flexibility
  •  Reduce harmful effects of stress
  •  Feel a sense of inner peace
  •  Prevent injury through body awareness
  •  Reduce /eliminate discomfort from old injuries
  •  Gain mental clarity & focus
  •  Have more energy
  •  Regain a sense of balance in life
First Class FREE!

4 Class Pass:  $52 ($13 per class)

8 Class Pass:  $96 ($12 per class)

Drop-in:            $15 per class

Class Passes are non-transferable. Online transactions
incur a minimal processing fee.
In-person payments may
be made by cash, check, Visa, MC, AmEx & Discover.
Private Yoga Sessions are a wonderful way to receive
individualized attention and focus on your body's specific
needs. Private sessions are for anyone, including those
desiring a gentle, personalized introduction to yoga, or
students who wish to deepen their embodiment of the
practice and take it to the next level. Sessions are 1 hour.

1 for $80  ......................................

3 for $210
(save $30!)  ................
Benefits to Health & Well-Being:
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"I started going to Kristi’s Yoga class at the Center for
Sacred Movement over a year ago. It was a transitional
phase of my life, and Yoga was something I needed to
ground me and help keep my mind in shape, as well as my
body. Kristi’s classes don’t just help with flexibility,
strength and peace of mind, as many yoga classes do, but
they give you much more. She establishes a connection
with each student, working to make sure every person gets
the most out of each class. It’s like having a personal Yoga
coach for a fraction of the price. She has a loyal student    
in me."
~ Amber
"Yoga with Kristi is so much more than a yoga class; she adds inspiration through movement, peace and
healing through meditation, and balance through pose. She encourages us to reach our mental and physical
goals in such a warm manner, and her classes are friendly and welcoming."  
~ Angelina
"I have been taking yoga classes with Kristi regularly for several years. I look forward to going, and I always feel
better physically and emotionally after the class. Kristi teaches in a way that seems to work well for people of all
ages. Namaste"
~ Michael
Supporting healthy, vibrant living through yoga, nature and community
Call 707-694-7450 or email Kristi for more
details or to schedule an appointment

Kristi Bowman is a Certified Yoga Instructor
trained by world-renowned yoga teacher,
Shiva Rea. She brings 17 years’ experience in the
field of health and wellness and has been teaching
Yoga in Sonoma County for
10 years. She enjoys
sharing the transformative benefits of yoga with
adults of all ages. Find yoga videos and additional
wellness tools at
expires 60 days
with Kristi Bowman
expires 90 days
"I have been taking twice monthly private yoga sessions with Kristi at the Orchard Studio for more than a year
now. Kristi is an awesome teacher and human being! She gears each session to exactly what I need and then
nudges me a little more to expand my abilities and flexibility... I feel toned, stronger, and more confident in my
overall physical wellness. It's a great feeling. I also enjoy the subtle spiritual elements Kristi brings to each
session. It keeps the focus on connecting the outer experience with the inner. I can highly recommend Kristi
and her yoga services."  
~ Patricia
You are invited to drop in and try a class for FREE
and experience the many benefits of Yoga.
New-comers and beginners welcome!

Current classes are instructed by Kristi Bowman.
Kristi provides variations of movements and poses,
as well as offers appropriate modifications, so each
student may feel comfortable and get the most out
of the classes.

Prana Flow Yoga is a dynamic, Vinyasa style of
Yoga focusing on breath, alignment, awareness,
balance, and integrating the physical, mental, emotional
and energetic aspects of Yoga so that you may enjoy a
healthy, vibrant life. Included are movements designed
to strengthen and increase flexibility throughout the body,
supporting a strong core, healthy back, neck, shoulders and more.

Where are we?

Join us at the Orchard Studio in Sebastopol
(Located off of Bloomfield Rd on the south side of Sebastopol. This beautiful studio rests among the apple trees
on private property. If you're interested in enjoying yoga here, simply
email us and we'll send you the address.

Sundays 9:00-10:00am  (beg/int level)
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